This NEW game is trying to bring back the glory days of H1Z1… Apk

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Passed Out is a new game in Early Access that is trying to recapture the magic of H1Z1: King of the Kill… but does it hold up?
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This NEW game is trying to bring back the glory days of H1Z1… New Game apk

30 comments on "This NEW game is trying to bring back the glory days of H1Z1… Apk"

  1. BigfryTV says:

    I do miss the old H1 days, but this one falls way short. Hopefully in the future it can recapture that magic, but right now I just can’t recommend it.

  2. Spencer Caron says:

    Saskatchewan. Nice beanie ????

  3. Anthony Gerou says:

    I want the just survive part of H1Z1 lol wasn’t much of a PVPer lol

  4. Hauwnted says:

    You should cover h1emu. I make videos on the project

  5. Scout Trooper says:

    It’s a bit *too* much like H1Z1 to succeed

  6. Mare says:

    Looks like it could have lots of potential and room for growth. Making it interesting and different in order to keep a fanbase seems like it will be difficult for this game though.

  7. VoiD7 says:

    Remember when eg7 bought Daybreak and promised to bring back h1z1 and Just survive? Yeah, that was like 2 years ago now….

  8. coldfries says:

    Tried this yesterday and it felt horrible to play

  9. ???? BUY YOUTUBE VIEWS ???? Link in Bio says:

    I feel so motivated and energized after watching this. ????????

  10. Ay8o8 says:

    Have you heard of H1Emu? It’s an H1Z1 emulator

  11. Games For Cykits says:

    Don’t care for BRs but too each their own, loved H1z1 zombies mode though

  12. VerSuske says:

    Aren’t these Infestation: Survivor Stories/The New Z (Ex. WarZ) assets?

  13. YoMoMz says:

    It does have the h1z1 current player base….1 to 10 ppl a day

  14. Randy Marsh says:

    Right off the bat, I already like the textures, especially the grass. Hopefully it does well. Super people was supposed to be my replacement for PUBG, but once they got rid of four man squads I stopped playing because then my friends couldn’t play with me bc there is four of us. Also Super people changed a lot And fell off.

  15. Lethal Gaming says:

    Seems like there are some scaling issues with the environment or am I crazy? The character looks miniature to me ????

  16. Broham7 says:

    H1z1 was never good so I’m not too sure why you would want that, but sure

  17. Equinoxx Equinoxx says:


  18. KING OOF says:

    this game had a playtest i got invited to and it was dead it had like nobody playing it

  19. Corthmic says:

    The bots are a huge bonus for me, it seems like no Battle Royale has a plan for when they inevitably die and it leads to the game being taken down entirely at some point, wish more games did this.

  20. Sims Zan says:

    H1Z1 had glory days ?

  21. roDo9k says:

    3rd person pvp. not my cup of tea.

  22. x RisYn says:

    Just a guy who tested the game for an hour without trying to learn a minimum about the game and its development. To have such notoriety but if can of objectivity, it’s like pissing in a violin it serves no purpose except to spit stupidly to make views and to make a video to make a video.
    If the game works afterwards and I hope we don’t expect to see you on it.
    Cordially a French con but objective

  23. BLACKLEGO says:

    Man I still play h1z1. Ps4. I upload videos all the time good stuff

  24. Alley Cat says:

    PUBG is still a ton of fun, to me anyways.

  25. Major says:

    I miss h1z1 ????????

  26. soma mituvoltol says:

    great video fry!!!

  27. Hasan Qari says:

    I really wonder what happened to Miscreated.

  28. brandon bovee says:

    Beta for the game was pretty rough around the edges keeping my eye on it but would like them to refine it a bit more Swedish team working on it/team of one man. He’s genuinely a good guy and very involved on his discord.

  29. UnironicallyDel says:

    did h1z1 have glory days? tbh it felt more like a DayZ clone.

  30. WinchesterDelta1 says:

    Not sure why you hating on this game. It sucks just as much as H1Z1. And you like H1Z1. So not sure what the issue is.

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