THE JAVELIN LIMITED CAR: sn0wshooter Jailbreak News 1/4/2022

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Happy Friday everybody!!! WHOHOOO Welcome to the weekend, hope your day went well. So today there is exciting news on the new Limited car for 48 hours! The new car is a Supercar looking, and is said to be the cousin to the Torpedo! Make sure to be ready for the update to drop later on today (around 10 pm for me). Make sure to get that MONEY!!!! THE JAVELIN costs $929,929, and remember you have 48 HOURS FROM WHEN THE UPDATE DROPS to get all the money u need. I will be buying this car, and rating it on a short stream tomorrow hopefully, so make sure to have that YT Notification bell on!

//// Giveaway Details Below! Keep Scrolling / / / /

My Roblox Profile: sn0wshooter

(Stream Viewers) Jailbreak VIP Server:

Cops that damage = kicked
Cops that kill or make someone super low = ban
Cops that bust Bank = ban

[Check my Discord for Rules in my Jailbreak VIP Server when I am live]
Join My Community Discord??:
ROBUX Giveaway Details:
1st Sub Goal: At 500 subscribers I will do a Robux Giveaway on a close Holiday of my choosing! Make sure to help me get there by Subscribing (its free), Liking my Streams & Videos, and Sharing my Channel with your Friends to Subscribe! Thanks a bunch for helping me get to where I am today folks!
(Update) Giveaway is 2 $10 cards (so people get better chance to get a gift card)
(Jailbreak Viewers) Want to do Trading? Stick around toward the end of the stream!

(Jailbreak Viewers) MY TRADING INV:
[I do not trade Hyper Chromes]
Brulee (Looking at Offers)
M12 (Looking at Offers)

Saying inappropriate words in game or in chat = INSTA PERM BAN NO REASON GIVEN IMMEDIATLY 🙂
Complaining / Spreading Bad VIBES / Advertising channels = Insta 300 sec Mute

15 sec Chat Delay

Join the Community Group?? (It has my Roblox T-shirt btw)!/about

THE JAVELIN LIMITED CAR: sn0wshooter Jailbreak News 1/4/2022 Apk mod

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