Jailbreak [Live] Season 13 News, Leaks, and Gameplay: 11/28/2022

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Its Monday again, and there is some interesting news and rumors going around about Season 13’s Criminal Theme! Check out the Beginning of the stream to participate in a disussion about it! Feel free to join me live too!

Credits to https://www.youtube.com/@UCMvBbCUnlCeoaiQabtJ_sQQ : for posting info & ideas about Season 13

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My Roblox Profile: sn0wshooter

(Stream Viewers) Jailbreak VIP Server:

Cops that damage = kicked
Cops that kill or make someone super low = ban
Cops that bust Bank = ban

[Check my Discord for Rules in my Jailbreak VIP Server when I am live]
Join My Community Discord??:
ROBUX Giveaway Details:
1st Sub Goal: 500 Subscribers, Goal Met & Robux Giveaway Happened on Thanksgiving 11/24/2022

2nd Sub Goal: TBD


Jailbreak Limited Car Values as of now:
(All Trade Values are in-Game Absolute Values)
(INF Value Vehicles are Name your Price)
Raptor: ~3M
Javelin: ~4M
Airtail: ~2.5M
Beignet: ~3M
M12, Brulee, Torpedo, Arachnid, Beam = INF Value rn

Saying inappropriate words in game or in chat = INSTA PERM BAN NO REASON GIVEN IMMEDIATLY 🙂
Complaining / Spreading Bad VIBES / Advertising channels = Insta 300 sec Mute

15 sec Chat Delay

Join the Community Group?? (It has my Roblox T-shirt btw)

Jailbreak [Live] Season 13 News, Leaks, and Gameplay: 11/28/2022 Apk mod

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  1. JxstThxKxng says:

    Nice stream, I’m getting some work done, I’ll be there Wednesday/next stream, gonna be very light in work after tmmr so cya next stream

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