God of War Ragnarok New Update Out Now! Adds Photomode But One Feature Still Missing| GoW New Update Apk

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God of War Ragnarok New Update Out Now! Adds Photomode But One Feature Still Missing| GoW New Update

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God of War Ragnarok New Update Out Now! Adds Photomode But One Feature Still Missing| GoW New Update New Game apk

30 comments on "God of War Ragnarok New Update Out Now! Adds Photomode But One Feature Still Missing| GoW New Update Apk"

  1. KhrazeGaming says:

    Full list of patch notes for those who want to read them extensively: https://support.sms.playstation.com/hc/en-us/articles/11124686902925

  2. HEXDATOR says:

    Did they fix the bug where you take damage while being locked into an animation or being hit from behind by spawning enemies?

  3. J_Ecco says:

    You don’t understand how prepared I am for ng+ I’ve 100% completed it maxed out literally everything you can think of skills armour handles weapons etc I have 20m hacksilver I just want it to come out so I can play again

  4. Beekeeper Brad says:

    This is the last thing I want and care about

  5. Cash Bbrown says:

    Yea blah blah blah, just gon give us NG+ with the ability to skip cutscenes already, I’ve beaten the game 3 times now on Grace, Balance & Hard. Got the platinum and EVERYTHING there is to collect in this game. I combed thru it all. I’m a little bored now just redoing Realm of Fire trials & Nifilheim training. I literally have every skill mod unlocked too. I’m saving GMGOW difficulty for NG+ but Sony/Santa Monica studios taking their sweet azz time with NG+. People have beaten the heck outta this game and need something different to bring them back to it. Don’t get me wrong I love the game, its everything a great sequel should be but dam WHERE IS NG+!

  6. Jared Ouellette says:

    Sometime in August for new game + at least that’s what I’ve heard

  7. Dark Blight Ballas says:

    One I have encountered is the Asgard remnant quest in the dwarf realm

  8. Kevin O'Neil says:

    Still no mention of overly chatty companions during puzzles/combat/exploration. Just gimme a toggle already XD

  9. The Tatical Idiot says:

    Does it affect Tyr? That would be really cool! lol

  10. droid8472 says:

    Did they fix the fact you can’t find tyr in the end game on some realms like helheim?

  11. Sascha Olschewski says:

    Please tell me we are getting either DLC or a new god of war, because there was way to much left open at the end. So many questions

  12. Hdhsjsb Najsiwi says:

    Wha happe to new game plus ???

  13. Drew Callahan says:

    Man I was really hoping for NG+ but I’m hoping patience pays off. I also feel like we need post game content man. It’s been only a month and I’ve had time to really do 2 playthroughs(GMGOW excluded). I’ll be really disappointed if SSM didn’t plan for more tbh.

  14. Two Serious Dogs says:

    I miss the days when games already had NG+ when you bought it

  15. Shiiesty says:

    Oh god I seen everything on the list EXCEPT “The last remnants of asgard” fix ? Can’t finish the quest cause the chest is looted right by freyr’s camp so the Remnant enemies won’t spawn.

  16. R3laxed M3thod says:

    Nice addition definitely but longing for NG+ there is absolutely nothing left anywhere to do lol

  17. Brian Santos says:

    I hope they add new game plus armor

  18. Nor Draw says:

    Nice to see they are keeping up with the bugs

  19. Owen says:

    There’s a bug where your middle sword in muspelheim disappears and GNA also can’t be accessed

  20. Ky Balion says:

    Photo mode that no one cares about. Where is NG+?

  21. God's Son777 says:

    Great game, but no game like this should ever launch without a new game plus mode, or a photo mode for that matter. That’s just standard stuff these days.

  22. oneall23 says:

    New game+ please Santa Monica give it to us

  23. DreamKng says:

    What about beast scraps?? How can we get more, they don’t seem to drop

  24. Richard Stone says:

    Who needs a static photo mode??!! New game+ asap!!!! And they should delete the no damage challenge!! Can’t do that shit!

  25. godsplayingfield says:

    skipping scenes and NG+ will come at the same time i am sure, and that will be like…. 3? months away at minimum. reasoning is: extras. like in 2018 they will almost assuredly add new gear sets, talismans and so on as well as adding more to the current ones (like going up to level 11 or 12 with NG+ materials) to make NG+ worth running through (other than almost everyones end goal to have Mimir do the “ALLFUCKER BEAM!” meme attack…. WHICH I SURE AS HELL WILL DO!) and that will take time to design and impliment. i have full confidence in them on this. i hope they dont fck it up.

  26. iceman0124 says:

    I hope they dont fix the bug where dead Brock reanimates at Tyr’s temple if you kill the troll after he dies, but before you see Sindri……I’m glad it didnt happen to me in my playthrough…..but I love that it is there…..

  27. Mav Vynne says:

    We need New Game+

  28. boy_of_war69 says:

    Out of all the bugs I only got the for vanaheim one and I’m playing in ps4 (pro)

  29. AstroCyborg says:

    how’d it take nearly a month for this smh

  30. Tubii-fushii says:


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